So your heart says yes, but is it a wise investment?

Market Demand

Both the children's education and children's entertainment markets are rapidly growing segments of the economy and Play Street Museum uniquely resonates with consumers that are driving each of these categories explosive growth.  Parents and caregivers are desperately seeking to find stimulating and developmentally appropriate educational activities that their kids enjoy as is increasingly evident by these very pronounced macroeconomic trends.

Growing Awareness

At Play Street Museum children are drawn naturally to engage by the thoughtfully created environment that encourages them to play creatively and independently.  As has been widely researched and is supported by child development professionals, children that grow up with opportunities for self-directed play explore more, take more risks, and are better decision makers and problem solvers than their peers.  Furthermore, child initiated play has been found to build confidence, self-esteem and independence into teen and adulthood.  Yet, despite all of the evidence around the positive benefits of constructive play, it is increasingly difficult to find engaging multi-sensory learning opportunities in the crowded world of organized sports, kid pizza casinos, and bounce bonanzas.

Concept Response

The small format children's museum concept was created and refined by Play Street Museum over the past several years and suffice it to say that the market response has been phenomenal. In many geographies across the U.S. there are not opportunities for high quality educational and creative play and even in larger markets where opportunities exist, the time and effort associated with traveling to these locales makes visits an infrequent event for most busy families.

Creativity & Fun

Play Street Museum has developed proven programs & systems to help streamline the administrative work associated with starting and operating your business so that you can spend more time on the fun stuff!  While Play Street Museum, like all franchise concepts, seeks to maintain uniform standards and adhere to consistent guidelines, we require our franchisees to bring their creative best in starting and operating their franchise.  From selecting the seasonal decor to implementing custom party themes, fun and creativity are an absolute must.

Quality of Life

Owning and operating a successful Play Street Museum franchise requires hard work and dedication, especially in the early days as you are getting your business established in the community, learning your new role, and building your team.  What many of our owners/managers and their team members have found is that over time they are able to build more flexibility into their work schedules.  As an example, owners/managers and/or team members with school aged children may coordinate schedules so they can drop their kids off at school in the morning and/or be home in the afternoon to greet them when they get off of the bus or pick them up from school.

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